Our company focuses on buying and selling single-family houses in Maricopa County, Arizona.  We are full-time investors with many years of experience and have help hundreds of individuals sell their home quickly.

Why work with us?  Because we’re a local company that acts fast and has integrity. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners like you that need solutions quickly. We understand your situation and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

The main things we bring to the table is speed.  We specialize in being able to move fast so we can address your immediate situation and get you to the next step in your life as painlessly as possible. And without a problem house on your back.

Many of our competitors have a one-size-fits-all strategy.  Their way or the highway.  There are cases where their strategy might be just what you need.  The difference with us is that we strive to make sure you understand ALL of your options. We can usually offer several options ourselves and it’s then your choice which one best suits your needs. If somehow we can’t provide a solution that works for you, we’ll happily refer you to someone who can.  We are not high-pressure salespeople.  The deal has to work for both of us or we don’t do it.

We are not out to steal your house.  We want to make a living and make a profit, but not at the expense of someone elses misery.  At the same time we both have to deal with the situation as it is, not how it used to be or how we’d like it to be. We’ll make sure you understand all aspects of the deal and proceed only if it makes sense to both of us.  If we can make it work, we’ll proceed quickly and take care of all the details.  But if for some reason we can’t, we’ll part as friends. We’ll even give you some recommendations.  We think that this is the right way to treat people. It’s also just plain good business.  If you feel good about us, you’re more likely to recommend us to someone you know.